Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The World Collabs #3

This month I decided to enter Abduzeedo's World Collabs competition that spotlights a novice designer by giving them an opportunity to work with a file supplied by an industry expert. You mess with the file, collab it up, and the winner gets bragging rights they've officially collab'd with this super cool already-made-it-big big deal of a designer (oh, and also $200). They've just posted all of the entries, and if you scroll alllllll the way down to #62 you can check out my interpretation. The winner is determined based on all the comments gathered from viewers (that could be you!) as well as the designer who created the original file (in this case, James White), and the Abduzeedo staff. So whoever you like best (don't worry, I won't take your un-vote to heart) please, pleaseeee be sure to show your support to your favorite by heading to the showcase by clicking here and leaving a comment mentioning which number you feel deserves the prize. You don't even need to become a 'member' to leave a comment! Easy, right? Here's a preview of what my entry looks like:

1 comment:

  1. Wow the level is pretty high. Some of them are awesome. I like your too.



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