Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TypeOH! Tuesday #5

Happy Tuesday! Everything below, with the exception of the first (whose title is linked to the song) are titles of poems I've written..more lyric type pieces next week, promise :)

Well I guess it just suggests that this is just what happiness is

my flipbook only works in reverse

sidewalk dreams

sorry, we're closed.

falling from here

Sunday, June 27, 2010

homemade magnets!

Got together with some friends today to make some super amazing homemade magnets. I found the directions somewhere online a while back, but can't seem to find the link to post in here, so hopefully my helpful advice will suffice :)


> clear drying adhesive, I used Liquid Fusion brand clear urethane glue
> scissors
> pen
> old magazines
> little flat round magnets (the ones I had are 3/4", or 1.9cm in diameter)
> half marbles (flat on one side, round on the other..clear ones are the easiest to see through, should be very close to the same size in diameter as your magnets)
> optional: delicious fruit to munch on

Step One
Go through your magazines, and find images you'd like to use for your magnets. When you find one, put one of the magnets or half marbles over the image, and trace around it with a pen. Cut along your pen line for a circle cut out of your image.

Step Two
Spread a VERY thin layer of your glue on top of your magnet, then place your image on top of it, so the image side is of course, facing upward.

Step Three
Put a VERY small drop of glue right in the middle on top of the upward side of the image, then place the half marble on top of the image. The drop of glue will spread evenly to all sides when you do this. Give it some time to dry, and viola! 'attractive' homemade magnet ready for the fridge!

Finished magnets!!

hot air balloon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

new doodles!

I bought some new moleskine notebooks the other day, and with them being black, and myself having and pretty great pen-touch brand quick-dry, metallic ink, fine point .7mm silver pen, the obvious decision was to doodle upon em. They came in a pack of three, so three books, front and back have been doodle-fied. Check em out!

book1, both covers

book1, front cover

book1, back cover

book2, both covers

book2, front cover

book2, back cover

book3, both covers

book3, front cover

book3, back cover

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a stab at blackletter

I definitely still have a ways to go, but here are my first attempts at blackletter kick ass-ery. These were all hand drawn with a pencil and sharpie pen, then filled in with a sweet staedtler marker, no calligraphy pens allowed. I used this font as a reference (for railway cars) so you won't hate on me for having an 'm' looking 'w'.

my first attempt after heck yes, 'old ties'

Old Ties, take 2

'Railway Cars' (yea, i went a little ligature looney)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TypeOH! Tuesday #4

Another early Tuesday for me, was up late fixing/tweaking a few of these, and I've got to head into work early tomorrow, so I figured now was better than later :) As you'll probably be able to tell, this hand lettering thing has become a pretty big addiction for me. I'm going to try and post more of these during the week, so there won't be such a massive post every tuesday, but will still keep it bigger than the past few weeks :) good news, right? I hope so.. Anyway! A few of these are lyrics from my favorite bands, and I've linked their titles to youtube vids of the songs if you're interested in listening. A bunch of these are just sketches not turned digital..still on the fence whether to invest the time in em..either way, hope you enjoy!

you wanted me to write you letters, but I'd rather lose your address

I'm sure back home they think I've lost my mind



dirty laundry

of you

can you tell I'm losing sleep?

young and stupid

So I think the next thing I'm going to get myself into is blackletter. It's pretty challenging with the uniform strokes, and differing weights of em, plus the whole relearning how each letter is drawn part. I'm looking forward to it, but see a lot of frustration in my future..I plan on hand drawing everything, no calligraphy pen! ..At least at first anyway. I'll hopefully get some sweet renditions of something up by the end of this week, and to that, you should of course say.....

yes, I realize it needs a lot of work, but it was my first try. Next time will be better, promise.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to screenprint a design I made a week ago. I had never screenprinted before, so I wasn't sure what I was in for. It ended up being a fantastic night of meeting new people, seeing other "student's" designs, and getting to take home some wearable art. Check out the night, start to finish! Big thanks to the Atlanta Printmakers Studio, and Binders, for the supplies and the space!

the studio


other students

back part of the studio, amazing collection of metal type!

my flooded screen

right before I 'hit' it

my co-worker making a mess

printed on my shirt

mission accomplished!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i bought us a dinosaur!

Here's my most recent threadless submission. I came up with the idea for this little gem while debating what to do for the screenprinting class tomorrow. I could only screenprint in one color, so thought it would be best to save this and give it a shot with the thread. Support appreciated! Click here or on the pic to vote!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TypeOH! Tuesday #3

It's an early Tuesday on this side of the planet, but thought I'd throw these up now, instead of multi tasking sleepy eyed over my morning coffee and cheerios. The first lettering is what I decided to do for an AIGA screenprinting workshop I'm attending this Friday. I only had a short amount of time to get something together, so of course I'm nervous how it's going to look on the finished shirt, but I'm pretty excited I'll be able to wear a design I created start to finish. The second is a lyric I've always loved from one of my greatest loves, the postal service (the song is 'nothing better', and you should click here to listen to it!). Hope you enjoy!


just say how to make it right, and i swear i'll do my best to comply

Monday, June 14, 2010

new blog look

yea, I'm not really sold on it, either. We'll see how much my hatred for it grows on me..i think some serious code time is in its near future. My apologies until then (might be a little while). Better than the boring standard black though, right? eh.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TypeOH! Tuesday #2

It's that time of the week again! Here are some hand lettered type turned digital and cleaned, and some created digitally from scratch :) I actually started a section in my portfolio on my website, where I'll start putting my favorites. Until next week..enjoy!

Cheers Darlin'

Half Full

Line of Best Fit

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Playing with hand drawn letters is pretty close to my favorite thing ever, so I think, to force myself to add to my collection on a weekly basis, I'm going to post one or more hand drawn pieces of type I make each week. Here are a couple to get this ball rollin'.

happy birthday!

Nothing Pretty, nothing perfect.


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