Sunday, June 27, 2010

homemade magnets!

Got together with some friends today to make some super amazing homemade magnets. I found the directions somewhere online a while back, but can't seem to find the link to post in here, so hopefully my helpful advice will suffice :)


> clear drying adhesive, I used Liquid Fusion brand clear urethane glue
> scissors
> pen
> old magazines
> little flat round magnets (the ones I had are 3/4", or 1.9cm in diameter)
> half marbles (flat on one side, round on the other..clear ones are the easiest to see through, should be very close to the same size in diameter as your magnets)
> optional: delicious fruit to munch on

Step One
Go through your magazines, and find images you'd like to use for your magnets. When you find one, put one of the magnets or half marbles over the image, and trace around it with a pen. Cut along your pen line for a circle cut out of your image.

Step Two
Spread a VERY thin layer of your glue on top of your magnet, then place your image on top of it, so the image side is of course, facing upward.

Step Three
Put a VERY small drop of glue right in the middle on top of the upward side of the image, then place the half marble on top of the image. The drop of glue will spread evenly to all sides when you do this. Give it some time to dry, and viola! 'attractive' homemade magnet ready for the fridge!

Finished magnets!!

hot air balloon!

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