Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TypeOH! Tuesday #4

Another early Tuesday for me, was up late fixing/tweaking a few of these, and I've got to head into work early tomorrow, so I figured now was better than later :) As you'll probably be able to tell, this hand lettering thing has become a pretty big addiction for me. I'm going to try and post more of these during the week, so there won't be such a massive post every tuesday, but will still keep it bigger than the past few weeks :) good news, right? I hope so.. Anyway! A few of these are lyrics from my favorite bands, and I've linked their titles to youtube vids of the songs if you're interested in listening. A bunch of these are just sketches not turned digital..still on the fence whether to invest the time in em..either way, hope you enjoy!

you wanted me to write you letters, but I'd rather lose your address

I'm sure back home they think I've lost my mind



dirty laundry

of you

can you tell I'm losing sleep?

young and stupid

So I think the next thing I'm going to get myself into is blackletter. It's pretty challenging with the uniform strokes, and differing weights of em, plus the whole relearning how each letter is drawn part. I'm looking forward to it, but see a lot of frustration in my future..I plan on hand drawing everything, no calligraphy pen! ..At least at first anyway. I'll hopefully get some sweet renditions of something up by the end of this week, and to that, you should of course say.....

yes, I realize it needs a lot of work, but it was my first try. Next time will be better, promise.


  1. I love the first one & "young and stupid" even if I think their is a little problem of perspective (or maybe not... Sorry for my english, it's not perfect) goes on ;)

  2. yea, perspective's never been my favorite thing, but with hand drawn stuff, I figured it was better to be a little off to keep with the theme.. maybe not? :/ ohh well..always something to work on :) And your english is fine! I understood everything you said :)



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