Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TypeOh! Tuesday #14

Happy Tuesday! This week is brought to you by the randomness of my past week. Got an email from a good friend using the word clutch, which obviously needed to be drawn.. And 2010 because, I started looking back on this year a little thinking about everything accomplished and everything yet to accomplish. I'm probably either really late in the game or a tad premature letting out the digits, but whatever. Here's to 2010 so far :)



Thursday, August 26, 2010

organized mess

a little bit of digital type because it's been awhile and it shouldn't have been.

organized mess

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TypeOh! Tuesday #13

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week's post is the title of a poem I wrote on august 29th of last year. I actually just looked that poem's date up and realized it was almost a year ago exactly. weird. Anyway, I'm going to be gutsy and post the poem beneath the pics. This work and all of my other type work slash TypeOh! Tuesday totally terrific typography (apologies for the arrogant alliteration) can be found every hour of every day on this all important link: flickr.

acid reflux

acid reflux

a pounding punch of veins bunched
in a chest full of breaths taken away.
one million beats,

stolen the same.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


a distracted pup:

a non distracted pup...

what my current work to life ratio has felt like recently..

My best friend at work got a new job, and this is her last week with us. She has a special place in her heart for the grand state of nebraska slash university of, so this one's for her!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


just a quick doodle of whatever was floating in/on? my head tonight..


hair, digital

TypeOh! Tuesday #12

Welcome to the 12th TypeOh! Tuesday! I have been working very steadily on these type treatments, sometimes to the point where I draw through dinner and settle for cereal as a midnight-1ish snack...


The things I do for you, TypeOh! Tuesday...

Just one drawing for today, but I'll have another one right behind it sometime tomorrow. To answer the question on my word choice - I get really caught up on the connotations of words, so much so that every time I hear a word that resonates with me (in some way or another), I immediately write it down. I have pages of written down words, so when I run into type block, I revisit those pages. I also write a lot of poetry in my spare/non work hour time, so sometimes I just use the titles.

So why the heck did I choose sap? I grew up in the country in upstate NY for my entire childhood and we had a lot of pine trees around the house, and around this time of year, sometimes a little later, I couldn't come in from playing outside without sticky palms/fingers/knees from playing around them all day. Something about the word sap that brings back a lot of sticky memories that have stuck with me all of these years. So this week, I bring you some sap...


sap, digital

Sunday, August 15, 2010


quick sunday 'summer' sketch..wasn't quite sure where I was heading/wanted to head with this, but I kind of like the outcome..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

cardboard coffee

drinking cardboard coffee again this week, from a half degradable, coffee shop seat.

cardboard, sketch

cardboard, detail

cardboard, digital

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

jet fuel

As promised, my addition to TypeOh! Tuesday...

jet fuel, progress

jet fuel, finished drawing

TypeOh! Tuesday #11

These new type pieces take foreverrr to complete, so please forgive this abbreviated post today. I have another one just about finished, that I'll post later today or some time tomorrow (didn't want to rush it for the sake of getting it up on tuesday). I'll keep posting these (I'm practically obsessed with creating them) as I finish each, with a guaranteed one every tuesday. Hope that's ok with y'all, thanks for stickin with me! Also posted to my flickr :)

seaweed, sketch

seaweed, detail

seaweed, gunked/(sea'd?) up via photoshop

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Struggle

Sunday doodle..decided I wanted to doodle something without paying attention to it. Somehow, this was the result..colored and uncolored, also added to my flickr.

the struggle, doodle

the struggle, digitized

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get Well Soon

This started off as an idea for a simple greeting card, then hours later of work spent on it, I realized it could be a little more. I was diggin my results, so I took a few pictures of my process as I went along. I've put this up on redbubble.com if you're interested in having a professional print.. Or, if you know someone who could use a little typographic cheering up, it's also available as a greeting card. I think this is where I'm going to start heading with my TypeOh! Tuesdays, so there won't be as many pieces anymore, but hopefully I'll make up for it two fold with quality. Here's to learning new things, filled up moleskines, and a whole lot of eraser crumbs..


final drawing, completed with a 005 Micron


final piece available on redbubble.com

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TypeOh! Tuesday #10

Happy 10th Tuesday! Over the weekend I kind of decided..enough with this child's play, time to step it up! So I spent a good amount of my weekend hours working on some type I will post either later today or tomorrow, so make sure you check back! These were kind of before I decided that, so it didn't feel right leaving them completely out..




write(the cover of my sketchbook/journal)


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