Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #88

Happy Tuesday! I had the luck of coming across the gig posters by Methane Studios this past weekend, and I have to say..there is some pretty fantastic type on some of these. And the best news? If you find one you like, you can get it! Enjoy the inspiration :)

preview/purchase/admire here.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fab Shipments

This happened a couple weekends ago. After my massive sew-a-thon (see paper pic below), I boxed up and shipped out all of the orders received through our Fab sale, so I thought I'd share pictures of all those sketchbooks that art will be being made on. What could make an artist happier than that?! Vehicle for creation distributed nationwide? Mission accomplished. I'm a pretty happy little lady.






Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #87

Happy Tuesday! Sorry, I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to this blog lately. I've got some fun posts coming up though, so I hope you'll stick around. I was listening to Did I Fool Ya? by Jason Mraz at work yesterday, and towards the end, the lyric 'Absolutely Definitely Positively' kind of resonated with me a little bit, outside of its context in the song. It made me think about the things that I'm absolutely definitely positively sure about, things I know to be true regardless of anything that could happen to make me think twice about them. It's a pretty interesting thing to think about..and having a limited list makes it a little eye opening. Anyway, before I go off on too much a tangent, the song is posted below, new Mraz album coming soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #86

Happy Tuesday! It was a pretty crazy weekend - lots of sketchbook sewing + packing up and sending off, so if you ordered a book during our Fab sale, you can expect it soon! I had the great luck of being introduced to the Avett Brothers this past week, and I am undeniably and completely hooked. The first time I listened to Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promises, I caught this line and had to hear it again. Since it stuck, I thought it would be a good motivator to share, since we're still kind of entering 2012. So here it is in digital form, and if you dig this song, you should have a listen to this one! p.s. the vid below rocks my socks

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #85

Happy 2nd Tuesday in January! I guess we really have to accept it's 2012 now. I've been thinking a lot about the things I want to accomplish this year, and although my list isn't totally together yet, I feel like it's going to be a big year for me :) It's been a rough road the past four years, so I think I'm due for something good! Anyway, thinking about starting a year all over again reminded me of this song by the weepies. I loveee the weepies, and have been listening to them excessively lately. You should check them out (video of song below). The photo below was taken by my sister on our drive back to Georgia. We had a really incredible sunset in Tennessee, so this is from somewhere there, with type added by me. I can't get enough of this font lately..perfect kerning and bold crisp lines..plus it's free! It's Novecento and it comes in six weights and it's my new year's gift to you. Go get it here :) Will post more travel shots soon!

other great songs: here and here

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #84

Happy Tuesday! I have some really exciting news this week! Lettersketch is coming to Fab! Fab is an online flash sale site that features very artsy/designy items from independent artists and rad art shops. Every sale only lasts 72 hours before it's gone for forever, and the prices on items are the lowest they go. You can wait in line for an invite in, or you can use this link (my member referral) and you'll be able to start shopping and checking things out right away :) Whichever way you go - membership is totally free.

I drew a little type promo for the upcoming sale that starts THIS Saturday at 11 am, and I also screenshot the sale preview (which you can click if you're logged in to view more completely). Have a great start to your post-new year week, and happy 2012!


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