Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #100

Happy ONE HUNDREDTH Tuesday! I can't believe it's been two years of type on every Tuesday. So, as the image this week shows, one hundred thank you's to you for sticking around. This has been a really fun project for me - started as a way of being committed to working on my type skills to now being an inspiration post as I've started my own company and am putting that previous design juice into real-er things :) After my personal site redesign a couple months ago, I started thinking about reinterpreting this blog, too. I'm obviously a different person than when I started, and a different designer now, too. I've been subconsciously working up the courage to let TypeOh Tuesdays go, and I figured what better way than on the the hundredth Tuesday? I'm pretty certain I will always be most passionate about typography in design, so of course this isn't goodbye forever. And this isn't goodbye to me blogging either! With my site redesign came a conversion to wordpress, which has been so seamless and easy and wonderful that I want to officially move away from blogspot, too. The new blog will be different than this blog. It'll be more of a scrapbook of new work, random thoughts, inspiration, music, and design. I really only want to post about things I would want in an actual scrapbook, so I have no idea what that will mean about the frequency of posts, I just know it's something I will keep up with. I hope you'll come with me. Blogging here has been such a wonderful experience; I think wordpress will make it that much better. Thanks again for all of the support! The new blog can be found here, and you can subscribe here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #99

Happy Love-Is-A-Four-Letter-Word Tuesday! I'm pretty excited to finally listen to the whole album through today (you can listen to a preview here). I'm pretty sure Jason Mraz will always be one of my favorite artists..so to celebrate the release of his newest album, I want to feature the design work for his album cover and its reinterpretations of it for his singles albums!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #98

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a great Easter! I've been totally overwhelmed with work lately. I'm spending lots of my 'free' time doodling new ideas for Lettersketch projects, and then working on some new items for Graphic River since it's been a little while and I'm starting to feel guilty. I spent part of this weekend getting a new graphic river item created, which I was surprised to see there really aren't any templates on the river of it..graduation announcements. Here's a little sneak peek..I'll post the full invite once it goes up for sale!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #97

Happy Tuesday! We're getting close to the hundredth Tuesday! It's crazy to think it has almost been a full two years. I've been brainstorming some new Lettersketch products for awhile, and now that everything's sketched out, I'm getting things figured out before the new items go to print :) I'm excited because there will be a good amount of hand lettering on the new items, so I've been practicing some different ideas before I carry everything over to the computer, so here's a little teaser this week.

In other Lettersketch news, since hitting FPO, the sketchbooks have been featured on some design blogs! Check out the features here :) Have a great week!



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