Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to screenprint a design I made a week ago. I had never screenprinted before, so I wasn't sure what I was in for. It ended up being a fantastic night of meeting new people, seeing other "student's" designs, and getting to take home some wearable art. Check out the night, start to finish! Big thanks to the Atlanta Printmakers Studio, and Binders, for the supplies and the space!

the studio


other students

back part of the studio, amazing collection of metal type!

my flooded screen

right before I 'hit' it

my co-worker making a mess

printed on my shirt

mission accomplished!


  1. ScreenPrinting, Nicceee??!!
    Sweet recently I have been making posters with screen prints (actually many failed attempts), just love the vintage look it gives it.
    Quick Question: What is the name of the ink used? Oil based or just regular acrylic?
    Oh I 'stumbledupon' your blog and noticed you went to scad (as did I for G.D)so Ive been checking it out once and while at work, awesome designs I must say! Keep it up gives me something to read at work (when I guess I should be working :P )

  2. Hey David,

    Thanks so much! I'm not sure of the brands of inks, and many of them were actually in tupperware containers..I'm pretty sure they were all acrylic though. Thanks again for checking my work out, I've got a bunch of new stuff coming this week, so hopefully it'll take care of a few minutes of your work time :) Nice site, too btw!



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