Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baseball Cupcakes!

This past week we celebrated a co-worker's birthday. He just happens to be a ginormous Atlanta Braves fan, and I just happened to be in charge of the cupcakes, hence, baseball cupcakes! The flavor couldn't be anything other than FANfetti, with extra decorative wrappers, and a generous dose of vanilla whipped frosting with just regular red icing gel for the baseball detailing. I printed up a bunch of mini jerseys and once I had them all cut, I put a few of our names on the backs, but for the most part, kept with the current roster and mixed in some popular oldies. I taped all the jerseys to red and blue toothpicks and stuck em in each cake to finish it all off. Anddddd here is the deliciousness we all partook in!

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