Friday, July 9, 2010

The Boilermaker, 2010

I'm running a 15k this weekend! I've been training long and hard for awhile now, and am soooo excited the time is finally here!

Three years ago, one of my very best friends collapsed at the 6 mile mark of the 9.3mile race at the age of 24. He passed away shortly after from a heart arrhythmia he never knew he had. Now that I'm 24, I'm finishing this race for him, and doing it all in his memory.

This sunday, my youngest sister will be running along my side, and as we approach the starting line with 13,000 other runners, it will be a moment, and an experience I am sure I will remember for the rest of my life.

So here's to you Sean, I miss you more than anything.

And, with doing this for Sean, I knew I couldn't disappoint him by wearing a lame plain running t... So my sister and I will be wearing some custom designed hand painted shirts I finished this week. Check em out!

design: this is all for sean

our shirts!


  1. Hi Teela i m Naved i m also learning graphic designing nowadays i read your blog and your work is really nice and i appreciate it and i enjoy reading your articles good luck for your future take care my email address is u can always contact to me ba bye.

  2. hey Teela you inspired to me create a blog on blog-spot for all the fine art I've been working on for the last 24 months!
    I Figure I would share with a fellow SCADDie

    Awesome job on the marathon! Keep it up and looking forward to Type-oh tuesday woot woot!!!


  3. Thank you both so much! I always wonder if anyone's means so much to me to get feedback like this!



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