Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boilermaker 2010 = Complete!

If you grew up in Utica, New York, there are a few things you would never miss out on.

Our amazingly delicious half moon cookies, which I've found southerners and many others refer to as 'black and white cookies.' Just a footnote: black and white cookies are not the same; you must make the trek for this mouthwatering treat if you're a cookie fanatic, or find yourself, somehow, in central New York and remember to cruise on down to the local grocers to pick up this made daily delight.

Chicken Riggies. If you're lucky enough to come across a recipe online, give it a try. It's a hometown original, and every year, the city of Utica has a Riggie Fest where local restaurants that keep riggies on their menus, battle it out for the number one taste.

Tomato Pie. Pizza without cheese? Don't mind if I do. I know, it sounds weird and if you love cheese it's an instant 'no' from the brain misfirings of 'wtf did you just say?' But yea, I know it sounds odd to eat some crust and sauce (especially when I put it that way) but the taste...the seasoning....it's a must. Also, all of the other italian food that is very heavily present in the area is always worth trying and not feeling guilty about.

There are many more, but to keep with the title of this post, the fourth is obviously the annual 15k we all grew up hearing about, The Boilermaker. When you're a high school athlete, you always have it in mind to complete the race, but many of us make excuses, or let everything else going on get in the way of putting in the time to train. 15k/9.3miles is a good amount, and is pretty intimidating if you're not a consistent running fan. I always thought I might take part, but I, like so many others, made excuses. If you read my previous boilermaker post, you know that I had a purpose going into this. Because of Sean, I have this incredible feeling of accomplishment within me, and I did this thing, this race that I had been thinking about for years, this race I had kind-of trained for before..I did it. And if I ever make a real bucket list, this sucker's going on it, and there will be one big beautiful check nearby.

Here are some of my memories from my trip home for the 33rd annual Boilermaker Road Race, the greatest 15k in the country.

the course

my sister (left) and I before the race! (6am, so sleepy!)

the starting line

the race!

the turn out for the post race party! This is at the Saranac Brewery. If you ever see Saranac beer on the shelf, this is where it came from!

want to see us cross the finish?! click here to check out the video! We cross the line when the time above the finish reads 01:47:40, even though our official finish time was 01:38:38!

finisher's pin!

Misc Memories

our post-race less sweaty, seriously still sore pic

one last memory worth mentioning. Shawna and I carved our names into this tree in our woods which we revisted when I was home. We couldn't remember the exact date when we did this, and to our amazement, we did this almost exactly 11 years ago. The actual date (kind of hard to see) is June 30, 1999. I was 13!

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