Friday, October 21, 2011


Happy Friday! We made it! I took this pic yesterday morning on my way to work. It's been my favorite part of my 110 mile daily commute for the last month when they all bursted their yellow, and they always look the most beautiful in the morning.. an endless sunflower field over a mile long. I hope you have happy plans for the weekend - I'm going to be hard at work preparing for the indie craft fair coming up in a few weeks for Lettersketch. Lots of books to sew and business cards to make! We've repurposed some of the covers to make the cards, and I'm pretty stoked how they look so far, so I'll be posting about them soon :) Have a lovely Friday, see you next week!


  1. The wedding Invites look slick, great job
    I just customized my LetterSketch Book! I'm really digging the stained Glass style it took on.. check it out!/DKsaxton

  2. I want to see!! Accept my follow request! :)



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