Friday, October 28, 2011

Homemade Business Cards, Vol.2

As promised, a post on how I made our Lettersketch business cards. Once Nina and I decided what we were going to actually do, everything was really simple to execute, just extremely tedious. I'm in the process of making 500 to go in swag bags for ICE about 200 totally finished, about 200 more all cut and stamped, just needing sewing, and 100 that don't exist yet. They've got to be done by the 7th, so I'm booking it.

The objective was to create the cards as cheap as possible after our investment in printing and supply purchasing for the actual product. Since our initial run got us about 1500 covers, we had plenty to spare to cut up and repurpose for business cards..not to mention they would leave great impressions (pun absolutely intended). In a way, the cards would act as mini representations of our style and product. The fronts are stamped with the same LS stamp as the cotton pouches, and we had another stamp made for about $12 with our info for the backs. After the stamping's done, I run each one through the sewing machine, putting a line of our signature red thread just below the top edge. And that's it! Time consuming, but much more affordable and worth it...and since ICE is a handmade fair, our swag definitely fits the bill. As a little something extra leading up to the show, every order from now until the show (November 19th) will get one of these gems thrown in! Thought you might like that ;)

Some pics of the process:

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