Thursday, October 20, 2011

Indian Wedding Invitations

Finally got everything photographed as promised. This was actually a pretty involved invitation, but I'm so happy with how everything turned out in the end that it was really worth it. The invitation was created for my employer's daughter, and going into it, she knew she wanted her invitations to incorporate orange and blue, be modern, but still keep traditional elements. Other than that and the copy she sent, I had free reign.

The invitations themselves are 5"x7". They were letterpressed on ReichPaper Cosmo 130# Cover stock (SO beautiful), with the headings of each invite foil stamped. The separate pieces were kept together with a belly band, with foil stamped sanskrit and an embossed Ganesh, the Hindu god who is the remover of obstacles. The invites were then slid in a custom made raw silk pouch with a light blue ribbon tie, and hand stamped in silver with a custom couples mark I created for them. Pouches were placed on a bed of hardwood kraft colored strands in a 9"x7" box. All boxes got a couple drops of lavender oil in them before pouches were placed inside, and the boxes were hand stenciled by me with a custom stencil I exacto'd out of thick plastic. A silver return address was stamped in the upper left, with a dark orange address label printed below center right for each recipient. 200 boxes were sent out in the end, I hope you enjoy the pics!

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