Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TypeOh! Tuesday #47

Happy Tuesday! Just one piece this week, it feels like i've been working on a million things lately. This past weekend I went to a small get together in Atlanta where my friend put out a tray of different cheeses, bread, wine, liquor, beer, you name it. Since I arrived a little late, the brie wasn't looking totally charming to me, so I took a try of one of the other cheeses. My other friend delicately prepared it (meaning he set it on top of a piece of bread), and as I chowed through, mentioned that he had heard somewhere that honey tasted really good with cheese and bread. Of course, I said 'well bring it on!' (he was already reaching for it). It was actually really good! So, weird story, but that's what brought on this week's type. If at some point this week you find yourself eating cheese on a piece of bread, make sure you reach for some honey :o)

cheese & bread & honey

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