Monday, November 28, 2011

ICE Atlanta

Sorry about the tiny delay in posting these! I was kind of waiting to see pictures ICE took to nab a few for this post, but it looks like they haven't posted any yet :( Neither of us really got much of a chance to walk around, so the pictures I took are limited to our booth only, but as soon as I find any of the others from the show, I'll add em on here :) The two days we were there flew by, but I held on to quite a few fantastic memories, so they'll have to do until the next one. Here's our first booth ever!

this was how we arranged our booth on the second day after learning what display techniques would work best on the first day

Us! That's Nina on the left and me on the right :)

Nina already sketching with our lovely balloons soaking up the morning GA sun

side view, we added some bookmarks on the second day to gauge reception, they might be hitting the store soon!

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