Friday, November 4, 2011

endless crayon box

What a week. The last week of daylight on my evening commute home. Kind of depressing to drive home in the dark, but at least that means Christmas is getting a little closer :) I've been literally waiting all year to see my whole family again, and be back in my home-home in NY. You forget how special that place is until you go without it for so long. Wish I could rewind back to before, when I didn't give it enough credit for what it was, just so I could appreciate it a little more/soak it in.

I took the pictures below on my morning commute over the last couple of weeks. GA is so pretty right now, and on clear mornings with the sunshine, it's extra beautiful. I know it's not the safest thing ever, but I had to take some pics. The first pic was taken at the end of last week, and the second was taken in almost the same spot yesterday morning. Cool to see how different the colors are over the span of a week. The last two pics are from mile 298 on interstate 75 where a tornado ripped through over April during the outbreak that affected so many southerners. I remember when I drove through for the first time, totally shocked. I remember saying Oh my God, Oh my God out loud. I can't even imagine one going through where I live. All those trees just..snapped and gone. It's all trees through that part of highway for a good 8 miles, and the morning after there was sheet metal from some roof somewhere lying on the divider. But enough of my rambling! Just pretty nuts to think about. Hope you have a wonderful + safe + beautiful weekend! See you next week!

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