Thursday, July 28, 2011

google+, major negative

Sorry about the ridiculous looking blog today. I wanted to get rid of the automated photo albums on my google+ that I just started tinkering with..who knew as soon as I did that, it got rid of alllll those pics on my blogger, too. Almost 2 full years worth. Not cool, google+, not cool. I'll work on getting as many fixed this weekend as possible, sooo not happy about this.


  1. I wondered what happened to the old posts, the thumbnails still come up but they are indeed all gone :(

    I actually lost some pictures this way too, from an old site I used to run.

    Anyways, I ended up on here just looking up typography infographics and Blackletter :)


  2. Good to know I'm not the only one! Yea, long process, eventually I'll get all caught up, sorry about any of the pages that weren't coming up!



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