Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TypeOh! Tuesday #52

Happy Tuesday!!! Today marks a full year of TypeOh!s. Pretty amazing. However long you've been along for the ride, thank you. It means a lot to be able to doodle my way to your computer screen each week. This week I've put together my favorites from the past year. If you're curious to see the evolution of my hand type from a year ago to today, check out my flickr. Kind of amazing how much you can improve on something so simple by sticking to it every week for a year :) The next year is going to be a little different than this past one with the typeohs. Since I've been working on (what seems like) a million different things on the side, I need to be smart about how/where I spread my time, as is probably the case with anything. I can't bring myself to throwing something together last minute when the weeks get longer than usual - because only the opposite of progress happens then. In an effort to maintain good quality of my work, I've decided to keep up with TypeOh! Tuesday every week, but some weeks it might be a post about great typography I find on the web, and others I'll throw something I draw in there. I hope you still stick around! Thanks again for hanging out :)

A year of TypeOh!s!

get well soon

the struggle


jet fuel

acid reflux

cough syrup

skinny love


lost at sea


new york city

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