Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TypeOh! Tuesday #37

Happy Tuesday! The letter Q is up this week..can't believe we're almost done with em! The second piece, dreams vs. reality..is based off of a conversation I had last week with my sister. She's got the hectic college life going for her, so her sleep schedule is always off, which makes her dream more, and mix reality up with it. I could definitely relate from my college days too..I wonder if it's something a lot of people do. Anyway, hopefully you can make out the 'reality' from the dreams (look close!). Have a great week!


Dreams vs. Reality


  1. Sounds like your sister has a case of "Inception" :P
    Alphabet is looking tight cant wait to see the finish project!
    I got my new website up and would love to get your input/critique of it (from a fellow scadd'er) !




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