Friday, August 26, 2011

1899 Newspaper

I have a pretty special treat for your from an 1899 newspaper! The newspaper is called The Calhoun Times, and it's actually still in business today. Calhoun is the town where I work in wayyy north Georgia..a small hunky dorey town (as I like to call it), very very southern probably how you'd assume all of the south is if you're from the north and have ever watched a movie where you thought they must be exaggerating (sweet home alabama, anyone?). It's actually pretty charming in a lot of ways, and the people are sooo sweet and wonderful. Anyway, one of my coworkers brought this paper in the other week, he picked up something from a garage sale, and it happened to be in the box with whatever he got. I was really swooning over it - all the incredible ads and the handiwork that went into them and then - oh my gosh - some of the things written! I was dyinggg laughing! Basically the entire newspaper is about people's health and remedies for any kind of problem that might be going around - and watch out for those nervous, depressed, and anemic women! Whenever they advertised a problem, they only pointed a finger at a woman having it, advertising their cure to 'fix' her. If you could afford it, you'd be the owner of a year's subscription for just $.50. Insane to think about this paper existing before the turn of the twentieth century, before the titanic sinking, before my parents' parents were even thought of, and before any world wars. I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite parts..out of the mere 3 spreads long it is. Click on the pictures to get a better me, you'll want to read some of these!

don't forget to find out why Mr. Kraus wanted a divorce!

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