Saturday, March 27, 2010

ohhh the burn

I am sitting on my couch, wincing at the pounding beats of muscles' messages sent, informing me I have harmed them. Yes, nike+ has definitely got me going on the running front, and I am finally feeling the effects of pushing myself. Painful now, sweet calf muscle definition later. The dreams I have... I decided to join a beginner's run challenge, which means I signed myself up for 10 miles in one week. That week ends on Tuesday and I am currently 8.03 miles down, 1.97 to go! I think tomorrow needs to be a day off though, my dog has been staring at me curiously, watching me walk funny since I got home from my run. Other than that, it's packing time! Three more weeks and I am moving into a much bigger apartment! Good things ahead..whether waiting for them or running to them.. Will also have some new doodles posted soon, have found quite a few that have made me smile while cleaning this place out. I promise, soon!

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