Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Puerto Rico!

This time last week I was in Puerto Rico! It was a very spontaneous trip..I ended up buying my ticket on a Saturday afternoon for the following Monday morning. My brother was there on work for 20 days and invited me down! I had never been to the Caribbean before and was soooo excited to go. Here are a few pics!

We spent the day I got there walking around Old San Juan and visiting this fort that had amazinggg views

Cannon balls!

The resort we stayed at was about an hour from San Juan. Here's the view from the balcony!

The next day we took a ferry over to a little island where we rode horses and laid out in the sun

These guys just hung out like it was no big deal, and people even fed them at the island's restaurants!

This entireeee thing is the resort. View from the ferry when we were riding back

My brother, sister in law, and myself enjoying a fantastic meal out!

Perfect sunset to end a great day

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