Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dueling Mixers Cupcake Bar

I'm really excited to post my most recently completed project, The Dueling Mixers Cupcake Bar. I'll be throwing this up on my site within the next couple of days, but wanted to post it here first, for everyone following. The Dueling Mixers is a concept for a new type of cupcake shop, with major references to duels in general. Enjoy!


collateral: menu, letterhead, business card

menu details

splash page

home page


  1. Wowza thats one nice logo!

    1.)Excellent choice in colors n typeface.
    2.)Also really enjoy the consistency in the banner element within the whole brand.

    My only critique is with the homepage design. I really enjoy the whole design in general especially the texture. I feel that the repetition of the silhouette logos on the side aren't needed. It throws off the nice balance you have in the homepage but otherwise great work

  2. Thanks ProperAgenda! Yea, I was a little on the fence about those, so it's good to get some feedback on em. I'll have to play a little more with it before the site post :)



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