Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TypeOh! Tuesday #95

Is it already Tuesday? Time has been flying since starting my new job! I'm feeling a little guilty about not posting very often lately, but with all new things, there's definitely an adjustment period :) I'm really excited for this weekend because my brother and sister in law are driving down from Jersey and visiting me before my brother goes for some Air Force training in Alabama. I can't believe I just saw them last month and am already seeing them again :)

Anyway! I have a pretty awesome type story to share..Lettersketch was featured recently on the popular print design blog, FPO, and shortly afterwards, I received an email from James Edmondson who happens to be the very kick ass designer of some fonts that are all over the place lately..Duke, Lavanderia and Wisdom Script. He had recognized the Lettersketch pouch, where I used Wisdom Script to stamp 'sketchbook'. He wrote how much he loved the sketchbooks and was excited to see Wisdom Script used, and I responded by offering to send him some sketchbooks as a thank you for supplying us all with such great fonts through Lost Type. After he received the books, he sent me this pretty amazing thank you note to let me know they made it to him. Made my whole week, hands down.

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