Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TypeOh! Tuesday #83

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It was mostly the same as every year at my house this year, minus my brother and sister in law who spent it with her parents. They stopped by on their way back to Jersey yesterday morning, and finally, the family felt complete. Guess I lost a little bit of time in all of it, just realized it's Tuesday and I hadn't posted anything! My original plan was to head back early tomorrow morning, i.e. 3-4am-ish, but my parents said there might be some snowy roads in PA and part of my drive down to Binghamton, so I might postpone til early Thursday. My goal is to drive straight through again, so being held up because of snow would not make me very happy. 16 hours is enough travel time to begin with without being held up. Anyway! Since it's the Tuesday before 2012, a little wine type - my favorite kind, to ring in the new year. Happy travels and have a great new year's!


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